Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Equal Access to the Digital World!

"Communication is a key function of life."  I heard that quote on a video about Universal Design today.  This is why UDL exists in education and elsewhere; and why everyone should have access to the digital world to communicate with others online.  

The world is going more digital everyday.  By the time the kids, who are in school now, graduate, it is likely that all interactions will be online, from banking and shopping to books and communications.  People with disabilities need to be able to access computers and mobile devices to stay in touch with the world and to complete necessary tasks.  There are many alternative technology devices that can help people with disabilities to access their digital devices, from switches to adaptive and onscreen keyboards, as well as software that helps with word prediction and spelling.  Digital cameras are used for eye gaze control of digital input and scanning software moves the cursor which is activated by a switching device to enable people who cannot control a mouse or keyboard.  There are even switch interfaces that use bluetooth technology to enable a user to access mobile devices via a switch. Whether a disability is lifelong, or occurs later in life, Universal Design is essential for everyone.


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