Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Educational Value of Voice Thread

Voice Thread is a Web2.0 application that allows users to create presentations using video, photos, or documents that can be shared with others with narration attached. Viewers can comment on the voice thread in a number of ways, either by typing, speaking or drawing.  Educationally, this app is a good way for students to plan a presentation or video and then get feedback from peers on their work.  They can also practice their public speaking skills and will get feedback by listening to their recordings. Teachers could also use it to deliver a virtual lesson, and students could discuss the topic by posting comments. There is also a feature that allows the teacher to moderate comments before they are published, if that is needed.

It was pretty easy to narrate using the built in mic on my laptop, but a plug in mic or headphone mic would work better. They even have a phone interface, VoiceThread will call your phone if you choose that option, and you can record via the phone.

My WebQuest will be exploring different topics on Internet safety. I created a presentation about one of the topics using PowerPoint and narrated it using VoiceThread. It can be viewed below or at the VoiceThread siteat:


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