Wednesday, May 8, 2013


This is one of my favorite tools.  I am surprised I haven't seen anyone writing about it. Meograph is a presentation tool that incorporates Google Maps, slides and a timeline to present a story. It uses images, video, and sound to tell the story. Very easy to start using, just enter when, where and what happened for each slide. Then add media. 

Here is a sample Meograph presentation:

Classroom Activities using Meograph to address Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Students enter information and pictures about an historical event to help them to remember dates and events by doing, and also can review the slides later.
    Students can view a slideshow about Lewis and Clark’s expedition then analyze the maps in the presentation to understand the distances travelled, as well as the landforms or water bodies crossed for geographical as well as historical data.
  • It can help them to understand the chain of events and repercussions of the civil war by evaluating events, dates and length of time between each event.
  • They can create a presentation or biography about an historical event or person

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  2. Unfortunately Meograph has gone the way of many apps, to that big Web2.0 in the sky :(