Saturday, May 4, 2013

Live Binders

LiveBinders is a web tool that allows you to save websites, notes, photos, video, scans... anything digital... into a well organized online binder.    Binders can be made private or public.  

The unique feature is the tabs.  You create your tabs (as in a 3 ring binder) to organize your pages just by clicking on one and giving it a name.  You can also have sub-tabs under each tab.  It also allows you to create different shelves for even more categorizing.

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LiveBinders can be used as reference books, for taking notes, or even for creating electronic portfolios.  They save space - do away with all those paper binders, notebooks, journals and idea folders. Uploads and links can be combined into a single binder for saving lesson plan ideas.  You can share binders with others for collaborating on a project. If you add the "LiveBinder It" bookmarklet to your web browser's (i.e., Internet Explorer) bookmarks or favorites toolbar, you can save a web page directly to your LiveBinder with one click (well, maybe 3 clicks).   

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See the LiveBinder tutorial for more info.  Your binders can be shared through email, twitter, Facebook and you can put them in your website or blog. Binders can be presented to an audience, like a PowerPoint presentation.  There is also a free iPad app that allows access to your binders.

See their website for more information and sample binders.

To see my Ed Tech Live Binder (in progress) click here

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